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Waxing Yourself vs. Waxing at a Spa

Once you’ve decided you want to get a wax you’ll quickly realize you’re surrounded with possible decisions. To begin with, there’s the matter of what type of bikini wax you’ll want to receive. You could get the bare minimum waxed with a simple bikini wax, take it a step farther with a French bikini wax, or go all out with a full Brazilian wax. After you’ve decided how much hair you want removed, there’s the matter of where to get the waxing done. Some choose a DIY method at home and others prefer a professional spa treatment.

DIY Home Wax.

If you’re an avid DIY’er, then you’ve probably already considered doing the wax yourself at home. This is certainly a realistic possibility that comes with its pros and cons. On the plus side, you can do the wax in the comfort of your own room or bathroom. Nobody has to see you naked. No one has to see you wince if it hurts. It can also be more affordable. However, that’s where the advantages stop.

DIY home waxing kits are decent if all you want is a basic bikini line wax and there isn’t much hair to remove. The quality of the wax is almost always inferior to what they offer at a professional salon. You might also find it’s harder to wax yourself because you’re putting yourself through the pain. You’ll go slower, which makes the process last longer and hurt more.

Wax At A Professional Spa.

If you want a fast, clean, pain-free wax, then there is no substitute for a qualified professional at a real spa. We recommend you a place with a good reputation like this website¬†http://sandiegowaxingspa.com/ to do the job right. The wax itself is of a higher quality and it doesn’t degrade as you’re going through the waxing process. Home waxing kits tend to begin losing their pliability as soon as the package has been opened.

Going for a full Hollywood or Brazilian wax is almost impossible to do by yourself. You have to bend, kneel, and sit in some weird positions. At the same time you have to actually see where you are waxing, apply the wax properly, and then pull the strips all by yourself. All of this can be done by a professional in only a fraction of the time.

The Choice Is Yours.

A home waxing kit is ideal if you need a small touch-up before some special occasion. If you wan a serious, full wax, then there is no substitute for a spa with a professional. It will hurt less, take less time, and it always looks better.